Tramadol Vs Ibuprofen Is it safe to take both?

There are several interesting reasons to compare these two drugs Tramadol and Ibuprofen that are used as potential painkillers, though they both have different chemical compounds and also the effect on pain is different by both.

Drug info in brief

Tramadol: Used for moderate to severe pain. It is categorised under opioid analgesic drugs but generally low on intensity compared to other opioid agonists. It is not Non-steroidal anti-inflamatory Drug (NSAID) but is put under Schedule IV Controlled Substance by US and banned by other countries as well. It is therefore illegal to possess Tramadol without proper prescription by medical expert.

Ibuprofen (Advil): The drug is a moderate pain reliever available over the counter in a dose up to 200mg and by prescription at higher strengths. It is Non-steroidal Anti-inflamatory Drug also used to control fever and inflammation.  Higher doses under sustained period can cause bleeding and ulceration.

Advantages of Tramadol with Ibuprofen

Interestingly there are benefits of taking both drugs together as there are no past records of harmful or adverse interaction between the two. Both drugs when taken simultaneously can actually bring dual relief. While Ibuprofen is used to control inflammation and swelling, Tramadol 100mg relieves you from any type of pain. So if somebody who has a broken bone will have to fight with both pain and swelling. The combination of Tramadol and Ibuprofen dose will relieve him of both pain and swelling.

Disadvantages of Tramadol with Ibuprofen

With some benefits come certain drawbacks of the combination of both drugs. Ibuprofen with its non-addictive property is considered a safe medication available over the counter without prescription. However it is known to increase blood pressure. Therefore someone with heart ailments and hypertension should avoid taking the drug. Other risks faced with Ibuprofen are heart attack, development of ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding and even stroke. In comparison Tramadol doesn’t throw any such risks. Also the risk of interaction between both the pain relievers is ruled out. So the person with moderate to severe pain can be safely treated with these drugs simultaneously.

Both have an extra edge

There are marked similarities between both painkillers Tramadol and Ibuprofen in crystal form. However both have an edge over each other. While Ibuprofen has an extra advantage of being anti-inflammatory medication, generic Tramadol can handle anxiety and depression. So the combination works well for someone who suffers from multi-ailments of pain, swelling, anxiety and depression.

Precaution to be taken

In spite of their combined benefit it is recommended for a person to be under the observation of an expert who is fully aware of the pros and cons of both prescription medications.

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