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How dangerous is smoking for your health?

Regardless of how you smoke, tobacco poses a big threat to your health. The substances that released during smoking viz. Acetone, Tar, Nicotine and Carbon monoxide don’t just destroy your lungs but they slowly affect your entire body. Of more than 7000 chemicals generated while smoking most of them are poisonous and at least 60 of them are linked to cancer according to American Lung Association.

Nicotine in tobacco is the main cause of addiction as it has instant energising effect on the body which craves for more once the effect wears off. As the dangerous nicotine directly impacts nervous system of the body making it habitual of the high the brain gets after smoking, it is extremely habit forming. This is the reason why most people addicted to smoking find it difficult to quit.

What is Chantix Anti Smoking pill?

CHANTIX is a non-nicotine oral medication which along with expert’s support can help you quit smoking in 3 to 6 months depending on your quit approach. It gradually reduces your urge to smoke and finally put down your habit of smoking all together.

3 ways to quit smoking with Chantix

Depending on your firm personal decision and plan you choose the quit approach with CHANTIX. This can be ideally planned along with your healthcare provider or expert. The 3 ways to quit are:

  • Fixed quit approach
  • Flexible quit approach
  • Gradual quit approach

In the first approach you start taking CHANTIX and you quit date can be a week later. You can start taking CHANTIX and your quit date is a week later. In other approaches you take CHANTIX for 12 weeks and slowly reduce on the number of cigarettes consumed per day. Within 20 weeks or close to 6 months after starting your dose of CHANTIX you are likely to quit smoking altogether.

How do CHANTIX Anti Smoking pill work?

In order to know how CHANTIX works in helping you quit smoking it is necessary to know how nicotine affects your brain. When you smoke nicotine is released in the brain and it reaches the receptors. As soon as the receptors come in contact with nicotine a chemical called Dopamine is released which gives you a momentary high and makes you feel charged up. However when the dopamine levels drop you begin to feel weary and tired. This makes you light another cigarette and this viscous cycle continues.

Precautions to be taken during de-addiction process:

  1. Quitting smoking is difficult process especially for those who have been on the habit for years. The nicotine in such cases has become an integral part of their nervous system. So when nicotine is not fed to the brain receptors the withdrawal symptoms can be highly intimidating for the person who is on the road to quit. It is therefore advisable to consult your healthcare expert on the exact approach to be adopted for quitting smoking.

The withdrawal symptoms normally observed are as follows:

  • Urge to smoke
  • Depressed mood
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability/frustration/anger
  • High anxiety levels
  • Loss of concentration
  • Restlessness
  • Decreased heart rate
  • Increased appetite/weight gain
  1. Check if you are allergic to CHANTIX compounds. The reaction to CHANTIX can vary from swelling of the face, mouth, throat or neck, breathing trouble, rash with peeling of skin or developing blisters in mouth. You need to consult your doctor in such circumstances.
  2. If you have epileptic seizures or are on medication of epilepsy you should inform your doctor before starting your dose of CHANTIX. You may not have any history of seizures before but after taking CHANTIX if you develop any seizures immediately stop the dose and consult doctor.
  3. If your family or care-taker experience sudden change in your behaviour like erratic aggression, hostility, agitation, depression or suicidal thoughts or actions while on CHANTIX dose, consult your doctor at the earliest.
  4. CHANTIX can trigger problems with your heart or blood vessels. If you experience symptoms of heart attack or stroke you should immediately consult your medical practitioner.
  5.  CHANTIX can develop sleepwalking syndrome in certain cases and other behavioural issues.
  6. If you are habitual of drinking alcohol you will have to alter your habit or maybe stop taking alcohol after you start taking CHANTIX. Keep your doctor informed of the developments.
  7. If your work involves extensive driving or operating on machinery on manufacturing or production shop floor you will have to be cautious with your dose of CHANTIX. Discuss the activity with your health expert.
  8. The general or less worrisome side effects of CHANTIX include nausea, sleep problems (with unusual and strange dreams), constipation, gas building or vomiting. Don’t be disheartened with these effects and get in touch with health expert if they persist for a long time.

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