Pregnancy pain and Tramadol

Pain and pregnancy go hand in hand and pregnant mothers are prone to trivial or severe pain symptoms that are effectively controlled by consulting gynaecologists. Some of the prominent pain symptoms are:

  • Changes in hormonal concentration leading to headache and migraine.
  • Expanding uterus puts extra pressure on spine leading to backache.
  • Pelvic pain in the lower part as it slowly gets ready for delivery.
  • Pain in lower limbs due to increasing body weight that puts pressure on muscles, nerves and ligaments.

Is Tramadol safe during pregnancy?

In spite of being a potent analgesic with lower risk of psychological or physical dependence the consumption of Tramadol 100mg by pregnant women is still a matter of concern. With underdeveloped foetus it has proved to be unsafe and can potentially hamper the development of still-born babies in the wombs of mothers.

Pregnant women are seldom treated with analgesic or painkillers mainly because most of the painkillers can block blood supply to the baby by meddling with the calibre of umbilical vessels. The risk factors grow with NSAID as these drugs damage the blood vessels connecting the baby and severely affect the most vital nutritional channel to the baby. This leads to improper growth or even foetal death in some cases. Though Tramadol doesn’t come under NSAID the drug is not advised by doctors during pregnancy and even post -delivery. Tramadol post-delivery can contaminate breast milk of lactating mother which is the life-line of any new born baby. This again leads to serious withdrawal symptoms in babies.

The babies of mothers under long influence of painkillers like Tramadol are at risk of developing withdrawal symptoms within first 48 hours after birth. These symptoms include high pitch persistent crying, trembling and changes in respiration.

Disconnecting with Tramadol during pregnancy

If you have been on Tramadol (due to habit/addiction) avoid getting pregnant. If you still wish to give pregnancy a shot then first consult a good gynaecologist who will help you in weaning off the drug completely from your body. Pregnancy can then be initiated.

For safe pregnancy and uneventful delivery it is recommended of expecting mothers to stay away from Tramadol or any painkillers.
However for all other women who are not expecting Tramadol 100mg is undoubtedly the best pain reliever if taken with controlled dosage as prescribed by physician or medical practitioner of repute.

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