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Caverject Injection is a brand name for Alprostadil which belongs to the group of medicines called Vasodilators. This drug is taken in the form of injection directly by injecting it into the penis. The medicine is relatively equal to the substance found in the body which helps to keep the blood vessel smooth for easy flow of blood to the penis. This causes to give a good erection for men suffering from sexual dysfunction.

The Caverject Injection available online is only used and taken by men who are going through a difficult time with erectile dysfunction. Also to warn about improper dosage, know that the medication should be taken properly with doctor’s advice or it can affect the penis permanently. Caverject Injection is also available as an intraurethral suppository, but due to restrictions, it can only be considered for penile dysfunctiaon.

Doctors prescribe this medicine for men suffering from sexual dysfunctions between the ages of 40 to 70 or in any other case where men are not able to erect properly. Caverject injection use differs from person to person depending on how healthy or whether the person is suffering from any other health issues such as diabetes, lower heart rate, weakness or other.

Alprostadil – Caverject injection is used alone or with a medical test which helps to diagnose erectile dysfunction that may cause imbalance flow of blood in the penis.

The dosage of Converject Injection

  • 1 to 40 mcg intracavernous injection should be inserted into the lateral penis given over 5 to 10 seconds
  • The dosage should not exceed more than 3 times per week, with at least 24 hours between each use

Side Effects of Converject Injection

The medicine Caverject Injection also gives side effects which may differ from one person to another like getting an allergic reaction, hives. Also one may face difficulties in breathing, swelling of the face, body, lips and also tongue or on the throat. Noticing this change one should immediately consult the doctor.

Also, a person should stop taking Caverject Injection if they experience the following:-

  • Feeling light headed and you may feel like passing out
  • Not able to urinate fully as required  or may experience blood in urine
  • Bruising, bleeding or even swelling where you inject the medication
  • They might easily experience an erection that may last for 4 hours or longer
  • Continues irritation of your penis or urethra
  • Experiencing the redness, lumps, tenderness, unusual shape or curving of the erect penis

The most common side effects may include:

  • Sightly pain in the penis, urethra or testicles
  • Some men would also experience itching swelling, numbness, discoloration or change in the shape of their penis
  • They might also experience unusual discharge from the penis
  • Some may get a cough, stuffy nose, cold symptoms, and flu symptoms

Precautions before Taking Caverject Injection

  • Once you have taken the decision, let the doctor know about your medication with Caverject (alprostadil injection). The information you can also share with your family health consultant, nurse, pharmacist, and dentist.
  • While you plan to take this medication avoid more of physical activities like driving, other tasks or actions. This is to lower the risk of experiencing the reverse effect of the medicine
  • In case you feel dizzy or passing out, take slow move whenever you are sitting or lying down. Be careful while you are climbing stairs or doing related physical gestures.
  • Always talk to your doctor before you drink alcohol
  • Make sure you take some kind of protection like latex or polyurethane condom.  The reason is to keep you away from the spread of sexual diseases like HIV, hepatitis that passes through the blood or by having sex(The medicines do not stop the spread of sexual infections). Also, do n’t share your toothbrushes or razors with any person, in this case, talk to a medical expert or your doctor.
  • There may be a change where needle might break while you are using the injection, in this the needle might hurt you, just pull the needle out and call your doctor. Take the right treatment.
  • Converject Injection medicine is widely used for erectile dysfunction has benzyl alcohol in it. This may cause very bad or sometimes deadly side effects in newborns or infants.
  • Know that the medicine is not approved for children or women.

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